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alloTax Concept


Taxes, we hate them but we have to pay them. But what if everyone could have more control when paying taxes? What if you could have a say in how your money is spent?

Paying taxes is one of the biggest complaints in our society, but the complaints also revolve around how we don’t feel our money is being spent at all. In the current system, we can’t see the results of our investment.

This gave me the idea to provide users with that information on a monthly basis and allow them to adjust how their tax money is spent.


While working through this a slight challenge arose. The federal and state government will need to make sure all respective areas are funded properly.

In an ideal society, one person's 25% contribution into energy and 5% to military spending would be balanced with another person’s 25% in military spending and 5% in energy. This way both areas are funded, but this is an assumption that can not be relied on.

Here is a solution:

  • Each area must have a minimum contribution/allocation amount, which will be based on baseline priorities from the government.

  • Any leftover percentages will be distributed to the appropriate areas depending on the baseline priorities.


Through my research here are a few conclusions and solutions for what the application will do:

  • Display a rough percentage breakdown of your taxes based off of every $100 spent.

  • Provide a monthly report of how both your federal and state taxes were spent.

  • Allow you to set percentage for each tax spending areas. There are anywhere between 9 to 13 areas depending on how they are bundled together.

I decided to name the app AlloTax for allocation + taxes, and because a any good app deserves a fun, unique name.

Onboarding was something I focused on early in the design process. I wanted the process for joining the app to be very simple. The government already has much of our information from our taxes profiles already, so I used the user’s social security number as the key for logging in. The user will just need to enter their social security number then confirm their information is correct and boom, they have account.

Next they are presented with their Home screen, which displays the tax allocation percentages as they currently sit for the last month. Clicking on a allocation type will provide the user with a description of the type and the ability  to change the allocation percentage.

Once changes are made, it go into effect on the next month’s cycle reflected that statement.

I designed this as an app that I, and my friends and coworkers, would use. This is a proof of concept.

Prototype (Adobe XD)